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High Street Hits: Jersey Dresses

Jersey dresses are to summer what cozy knits are to winter, and I’m a big fan of both. Now that summer is almost here (and perhaps actually here if today’s weather holds!), I’ve been looking for some comfortable and easy to wear, but still work-appropriate, jersey dresses to see me through the next few months.… Continue reading High Street Hits: Jersey Dresses

Royal Fashion

Dressed Up Duchess

While I wouldn’t quite describe myself as a Royalist, I am a tiny bit obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge’s sartorial choices. I think I’m mostly curious about what it must be like to have both unlimited wardrobe options and a relatively limited range of what can be considered appropriate attire for the kind of life she… Continue reading Dressed Up Duchess


Lazy Sunday

Perfect Sundays are made of chocolate and Vanity Fair.


(Almost) Payday Treat

I popped into Boots to pick up some Cleanse & Polish (I ran out awhile ago and have been using the very decent Superdrug version in the meantime). The Liz Earle counter had an offer on their Superskin range; I’ve only used the Concentrate For Night product from this range as I tend to think of it… Continue reading (Almost) Payday Treat